No detail has been missed, and you both have planned for quite some time. Your big day is upon you, and yet, could something else really make your special day shine?

Sure can. Our elegant, classy cigar and bourbon tables put your guests in a festive mood, and cater to their needs throughout the night. Don’t worry about your favorite uncle bringing those cheap knockoff store rolled cigars; we have premium cigars that are highly rated and known throughout the world. Our bourbon pairings will delight your guests, and enrich your wedding day beyond what your standard bar has to offer. Your special day means everything to you, as it does to us. Let our team here at LICCABE offer an experience unlike any other, and keep your guests talking for years to come.


Whether you closed the big deal, or your team needs a great teambuilding event, Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience is here to serve. Nothing builds comradery like sharing a premium cigar and bourbon drink with your coworkers, partners or clients.

Any indoor or outdoor venue is no issue for us. Our team is ready to handle small and large corporate events, with customizable packages to fit any taste or budget. Let your next corporate event get talked about around the watercooler, when the LICCABE team makes it a memorable one.


Your past the days of pin the tail on the donkey and swinging away at the piñata; you need an experience that your friends and family remember. With our tent and booth at the ready, we are set to be anywhere that your event is. Backyard, park, or on a charter boat, LICCABE is ready to serve.

With our premium cigars, bourbon and service, we take the guesswork and labor out of going through the trouble to set up. We come prepared with the tools and glassware to keep your guests entertained and celebrating, not wondering where they can cut a cigar or enjoy a delicious bourbon. Ring your one a year day the right way, with Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience.


Golf Outings, Anniversaries, Retirements, Graduations and more! There is nothing our team here at Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience cannot handle. These once in a lifetime moments are so incredibly special to your friends and family; there is no better way to celebrate with an amazing cigar, and a delicious bourbon.

Let us care for your friends and family, as we would care for our own. We want your event to be memorable, and we take that responsibility seriously. If Long Island is your home, as it is ours, then our team at LICCABE is ready to cater to your special event.  Light up a cigar, raise a glass, and lets celebrate!

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Allow us to host your next event, and bring our premiere cigars and bourbons to your special day. Customizable packages for any type of event, large or small.