About Us

Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience was founded in 2017, but has over twenty years of event experience. The popularity of cigars and bourbon grow each day, and our table experiences are customizable for your special event. We cater to any need, and our selection of cigars and bourbon are top of the line. Having us at your next event will have all of your guests raving about your affair!


Ashton, E.P. Carrillo and My Father cigars are featured in our cigar portfolio, from mild Connecticut leaf, to the full bodied Oscuro leaf. We have a world renowned cigar that fits every taste, paired with several different offerings of incredible bourbon. When the Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon team is at your event, your day is most certainly a special one.

Our Services

We offer customizable packages, starting at 25 cigars with three bourbon tastings. We include three hours of catered service, along with all the tools and glassware neccesary for your guests to have a premiere experience. Your guests will love our experience, and will surely be not forgotten.

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Allow us to host your next event, and bring our premiere cigars and bourbons to your special day. Customizable packages for any type of event, large or small.